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Welcome To AlphaHorse

Within this site you will find a wealth of content perfect for horse lovers, ranging from information-packed articles to delightful games.  So sit back and enjoy the majesty of the world's equines.


AlphaHorse Highlights

Horse History

A new category that is dedicated to the history of horses has been added to AlphaHorse.  Learn when our ancestors first discovered horse domestication, how the horse evolved over millions of years, why some people reject the theory of horse evolution, and more!

bulletHistory Of Horse Domestication
bulletHorse Evolution: Development Of The Modern Equus
bulletCould The Evolution Of The Horse Be A Fraud?

Horse Care

Horse liniment can be extremely effective when combating deep muscle pain, arthritis, swelling and more.  In our two-part article series, we discuss the various uses of horse liniment, how to use it properly, which types exist, and most importantly which type is appropriate for your horse's specific needs.

bulletHorse Liniment: How Equine Liniments Can Benefit Your Horse
bulletTypes Of Horse Liniments And When Each Should Be Used

Horse Grooming

We recently published two articles about horse shampoo, and in one of them we listed Mane N Tail shampoo as one of our preferred brands.  Well, apparently one of our readers agreed!  So much, in fact, that she sent in a review about how she uses the brand for her own hair.  Hmmm... not quite what we had in mind originally, but we figured we'd pass on the review since it might be of interest to some of you.

bulletMane N Tail Shampoo: It's Not Just For Horses!

General Horse Topics

They say the only things in life that are guaranteed are death and taxes, and although our equine companions may not have to worry about the latter, they too will someday face moving on to greener pastures. For this reason, it's important that all horse owners be aware of how to handle deceased horses so that they aren't caught by surprise. The worst time to learn about the subject is when our equine partner has already passed on and the "clock" has started.

bulletPlanning For The Death Of A Horse
bulletHorse Disposal Options: Safe Methods Of Removal
bulletHow To Bury A Dead Horse
bulletShould I Consider Composting A Horse Carcass?
bulletHow To Compost A Dead Horse

Horse Grooming

When done improperly, mane pulling can cause serious discomfort to your horse and/or leave his mane looking downright raggedy.  Perhaps for these reasons, horse owners are sometimes hesitant to pull their horse's mane in fear of doing more harm than good.  Learn about mane pulling's potential negatives, and then learn how to make the practice as painless and easy as possible.  You need not be an expert to pull a mane confidently.

bulletMane Pulling: Could The Practice Be Harmful
bulletHow To Pull A Mane Properly

Horse Training

Horse owners, particularly those new to horses, often seek the big secret to successful horsemanship... the magic bullet that will allow them to solve all potential problems and accelerate the training process. Does such a magic bullet exist? Find out in this article, where we divulge the big secret to successful natural horsemanship.

bulletHorse Communication: The Big Secret

General Horse Topics

Few topics incite as much passion, anger and strong opinions in the horse world as that of horse slaughter.  Is it a positive thing that the remaining horse slaughter plants in the U.S. were shut down in 2007, or are there arguments to be made in support of horse slaughtering?  Being enthusiastic horse fans ourselves, we knew that touching upon this topic might be as perilous as sneaking across a minefield.  But let's throw caution to the wind and take a closer look at the subject, and see why both proponents and opponents of the practice are often guilty of spreading inaccurate claims.

bulletHorse Slaughter: Why Both Sides Are Wrong About Horse Slaughtering
bulletMore Dubious Claims About Horse Slaughtering

General Horse Topics

Selecting the right horse trainer for you and your horse's needs is often a difficult process.  How do I select the right one?  Which questions should I ask?  What should I look for?  How can I know that he isn't padding the bill or taking me for a ride?  Our five-part series about horse trainers and reasonable expectations helps answer these questions and more.

bulletHow Do I Know A Horse Trainer Isn't Milking Me?
bulletImportant Questions To Ask A Horse Trainer
bulletMore Common Questions You Should Ask A Horse Trainer
bulletHorse Trainers: Trust, But Verify
bulletHorse Trainers And Reasonable Timeline Expectations

Horse Grooming

Countless horse owners have asked us for advice concerning how to best thicken and maintain a horse's mane and tail. Since we've bred and sold Mountain Horses (which are renowned for their luxurious manes and tails), this is a topic I'm very familiar with!

In this four-part series I'm going to walk you through the steps I take to ensure my horses retain flowing manes that rival those of a lion.

bulletHow Can I Make My Horse's Mane And Tail Thicker? - Genetics & Brushing
bulletHow Can I Make My Horse's Mane And Tail Thicker? - Common Causes
bulletHow Can I Make My Horse's Mane And Tail Thicker? - Mane & Tail Products
bulletHow Can I Make My Horse's Mane And Tail Thicker? - Supplement & Health

Horse Training

Few things are quite as dangerous as a rearing horse, and sadly too many horse owners panic when faced with this problematic behavior and react in ways that only compounds the risk and problem.  The following two series of articles were written to help you first diagnose the cause for a rearing horse and then apply the appropriate corrective actions: 

bulletCauses of Horse Rearing - Part One
bulletHow To Stop A Horse From Rearing: The Basics

Horse Tack

Australian saddles possess many advantages for regular riders, yet for the most part they still manage to fly under most horsemen's radars in the U.S.  If you haven't yet experienced the comfort and stability of an Australian Saddle you will find this article to be of interest:

bulletAdvantages Of An Australian Saddle

 Horse Directory

Are you looking for some other great equine resources?  Then make sure you check out our horse directory, where you'll find everything from informational sites to horse farms.

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