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Horse Grooming Tips & Advice

Sometimes horse owners underestimate the importance of regular horse grooming, thinking that it pertains mostly to visual appeal. Although it is true that grooming does help bring out the best in your horse's attractiveness, that's actually the least important reason why you should groom a horse regularly.

Horse grooming plays an important role in promoting good long-term horse health. Horse owners know that picking hooves can help keep thrush at bay, but grooming should go far beyond that. When you do a full-body groom, you can watch for other key red flags that might be subtle enough to be missed otherwise, such as a loosening horseshoe, excessive warmth in a region, minor swelling, rain rot, nasty bug bites, abrasions, rashes… you get the idea. Sure, some of these things may be small and easily ignored, but it's always a good idea to at least know the state of your horse's welfare so that no nasty surprises crop up.

Additionally, horse grooming plays a very critical role in horse training and socialization, and sadly this is the benefit that horse owners overlook the most. If your horse is not comfortable with your full body touch during a grooming session, I can guarantee you that he will not perform to his maximum ability when doing groundwork or riding.

Many negative horse behaviors are caused by a lack of trust or respect between horse and owner, and no amount of riding will fully eliminate those problems until that core issue – respect – is resolved. Round pen training goes a long way towards establishing respect, but horse grooming comes a close second in developing a relationship. Incorporating both on a daily, or regular, basis will help you achieve the best results with your equine partner.

So with these things in mind, let's look at the various horse grooming issues that we as horse owners face:

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bulletHow Can I Make My Horse's Mane And Tail Thicker? - Common Causes
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