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General Horse Content

This page offers miscellaneous horse content that does not fall under the category of training or health care.  Here you will find articles that explores a range of topics such as breed histories and horse selection.

Breed Spotlights

bulletBreed Spotlight:  Mountain Horses
bulletPrzewalski Horse: The Last True Wild Horse

Selecting The Right Horse

Buying a horse can be a stressful period because although a horse can be the ultimate joy, you must first try to find that perfect equine partner for you. This can seem like a daunting task for anyone who hasn't been through the horse purchasing process before!

bulletHow do you make sure you purchase the ideal breed for your needs?
bulletHow do you ensure the seller cannot hide vices or flaws?
bulletExactly which tests should you put a potential purchase through?

Those questions and many more will be answered in this section of the AlphaHorse website. Here you will learn about the horse buying process, which tests you must perform when considering a horse, the importance of selecting the right horse for your needs and more.  Before you buy a horse make sure you read the important articles below!

bulletThe Cost Of Horse Ownership
bulletShould You Adopt A Horse?
bulletThe BLM Horse Adoption Program
bulletSelecting The Right Horse Breed
bulletBuying The Perfect Horse For You Part One
bulletBuying The Perfect Horse For You Part Two
bulletBuying The Perfect Horse For You Part Three
bulletFoals Versus Adults
bulletNew Horsemen & Big Horse Breeds: A Bad Combination? Part 1
bulletNew Horsemen & Big Horse Breeds: A Bad Combination? Part 2

Handling A Deceased Horse

No one likes to think about our cherished equine companions moving on to greener pastures, but it's a topic that many of us will someday need to face. The sting is made all the more painful when we're caught unprepared, so it's recommended that you learn why you should have a plan of action ahead of time, and learn about the pros and cons of each of the horse carcass disposal methods.

bulletPlanning For The Death Of A Horse
bulletHorse Disposal Options: Safe Carcass Removal Or Disposal
bulletMore Ways To Handle Disposal Of Dead Horses
bulletHow To Bury A Dead Horse
bulletShould I Consider Composting A Horse Carcass?
bulletHow To Compost A Dead Horse
bulletComposting A Dead Horse: The Process

Miscellaneous Articles

This section is a catch-all for the various articles that are horse-related but don't quite fit anywhere else!

bulletHorseshoes: America's Popular Yard Game
bulletHorseshoes: Rules & Scoring
bulletPersonal Benefits Of Training Horses
bulletRendered Tails And Your Horse
bulletHorse Jobs: The Unflinching Reality
bulletLanding Horse Industry Jobs
bulletAre Horses Stupid?  An Inside Look
bulletHow Do I Know A Horse Trainer Isn't Milking Me?
bulletImportant Questions To Ask A Horse Trainer
bulletMore Common Questions You Should Ask A Horse Trainer
bulletHorse Trainers: Trust, But Verify
bulletHorse Trainers And Reasonable Timeline Expectations
bulletDomestication Of The Horse Is It Immoral?
bulletDomesticated Horses Are They Natural?
bulletDomestication Of Horses Is It Mutually Beneficial?
bulletHorse Slaughter: Why Both Sides Are Wrong About Horse Slaughtering
bulletMore Dubious Claims About Horse Slaughtering
bulletHow To Tie A Quick Release Knot For Horses

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